Back from Ecuador

Although I returned back from Ecuador almost 3 weeks already I'm only just now getting settled back in. It won't last long as Canelo and I will return to Ecuador in December. I am happy to say that we had a wonderful summer with an absolutely delightful group of students. We set up a small scale medicinal mushroom cultivation and inaugurated a year-round volunteer program. We raised 2 greenhouses where we are growing vegetable starts to give to families participating in the Wellness Project, (one of the volunteer programs). I am looking forward to next summers' program and starting to schedule classes. We are working with Yoga Mendocino to do a Service Learning Yoga Retreat and  Spanish language course for the end of June 2012. We will be offering our 4th Service Learning course with Amazon Mycorenewal Project. If you are interested in teaching a course with CFI in Ecuador or in California please contact us!