January 2013 Workshop Leader

Kristine Wagner graduated with honors from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore with a bachelor's degree in Public Health and Spanish language. She first experienced Ecuador in the summer of 2011 with the AMP/CFI team, where she learned about the oil industry and its influence on the health of the population as a part of the Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship. After visiting with the Secoya community during that trip, she directed her research toward the Secoya and their ongoing transition from traditional plant-based to Western medicine. She returned to Ecuador in January of 2012 to continue this research, living in the community and conducting interviews about the Secoya experience at the intersection of development, healthcare, and culture. Her role in this course is to use what she knows about traveling and oil issues in Ecuador to help others to expand their world, think globally, and connect them to key people and groups in Ecuador to foster international collaboration. Participate with her in the course Oil and Health in the Amazon in January 2013. See http://ecuador2013.22slides.com/ for more details and register here http://www.cloudforest.org/education/courses/register/